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Never Beg For Love Or Force Someone To Love You See The Reasons

Sometimes ago, a woman forced her irresponsible husband to my office. By the time the man shared his story I adjusted my chair to listing.

The man told me how he was forced into marriage by his wife.

He said that his wife was the one that fixed their wedding date, bought his wedding suit, bought his wedding shoes, rented the apartment they were living then, sponsored the wedding food and paid her own bride price.

That the only money he used who's was from his pocket was the one he used to cut his hair.

They have been married for five(5) years but the man can't have love for her in their relationship. His wife still begs him to take responsibilities as a husband and treating him good but still he don't have any feelings for her.

It is dangerous to force yourself on someone or marry someone who don't love you.

When there is no love in the marriage, the wedding ring becomes a little handcuff and your marriage becomes a prison yard instead of paradise on earth.

A man who does not love a woman during courtship, will find it difficult to cherish her after getting married. There are people who will never love you no matter how much you show love to them.

Love is a choice so don't force yourself on anyone.

You deserve to be happy, loved and cared not to be sad all the time, to have sleepless nights, to cry and plead for someone's love.

So don't force for people's love.

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