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Here Are The Best Times To Engage In An Affair With Your Partner: Esther Nwachukwu Says In New Video

Talk about ladies who find their names on the trend list each and every week, you dare not exempt the name, Esther Nwachukwu. She is a beautiful Nigerian lady known for making up controversial theories each and every week. Quite recently, she was in the news for making a comment about how she wouldn't mind sleeping with her father if not for the respect she has for her mother.

I don't know why she is always mixing up controversial stuff but I think she becomes okay whenever she gets to say them because, the more people advise her to stop with profanity, the more she makes such videos. It is her life and nobody is ever going to stop her from enjoying it.

She has released a new video which is targeted at people in relationships. I got some screenshots from the video but the actual video can be seen by clicking on this link. This lady has come out and is throwing shots at couples for sleeping with each other anytime they want.

She made mention of the fact that sleeping with your partner in the afternoon is one of the most boring things to be ever done. It can be equated to smoking cigarette while your body is on fire. Producing fire whiles your body is in fire will give you no pleasure.

She claims nobody should add much heat to the heat the sun produces in the afternoon and for that matter, people in relationships should abort the afternoon affairs.

She claims midnight and early morning is the perfect time to have an affair with your partner. Not only did she make a general statement, she went ahead to make mention of times like 10 in the evening, 11 p.m, 2 a.m, 5 a.m and finally, 6 a.m. Once again, for those who would like to see the video, here is the link

In as much as I think there is much truth to what she's saying, I just don't understand why we are always focused on relationship affairs. Should we always be discussing issues like these? Can't we not bring up business ideas? These are the reason why people are engaging in marital affairs anyhow. Sometimes, I don't blame the SHS students for messing up, they get their inspiration from videos like this.

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