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(Photos) True Love; Husband Died Years Ago But His Wife Still Out On a Date With Him.

Love they say is being there for someone and that's what a real relationship needs. Sometimes when we neglect to put in the effort is when things don't work out with someone that could have been perfect for us.

This is actually true as a young beautiful women proves this notion. Many years after her husband passed away, she still goes out on a date with her husband at the cemetery.

To some she might be in a really terrible emotional state which might have altered her perception, however many peeps that chance on this particular development have rained all manner of praises on her as one commenter even quizzed "do we have this loyalty in Africa".

Loyalty in relationships is extremely rare in this contemporary world. Being fully committed to a person without cheating, your plans and sticking with your partner till the end. While it may seem that the woman in question is at a difficult stage in her life, it's equally important to acknowledge her level of loyalty because most people in her shoes might move on with their lives as the years past by.

If you put in that extra effort for someone that can reciprocate it, love can be the greatest feeling one can ever feel.

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