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[Video] Fear Of Marriage?: Watch Moment Three Young Men Ran Away When A Bridal Bouquet Was Thrown

Love is a beautiful thing. It becomes even more beautiful when you find the right person. By right person, I mean someone who understands you, loves and cherishes you for who you are, someone who does not want you to pretend to be someone else, pays maximum attention to you, and really cares for you. When you are with such a person, you feel nothing but secured. When relationships end up in marriage, it is another level of excitement all together.

Marriage is a union between a man and a woman who think they deserve each other, and have gone through all the necessary procedures to become one. Marriages are mostly sealed with weddings. During weddings, vows are exchanged, rings are also exchanged as well as kisses. There is enough foods and drinks to also enjoy at the refreshment. The couple, as well as guests also take to the dance floor to showcase their dancing skills. One fascinating moment about weddings is when bridal bouquets are thrown. It is believed that, whoever becomes fortunate enough to catch the bridal bouquet would be the next to get married. There is so much joy and excitements for fortunate and lucky people who are able to catch them.

There is a video making waves on social media. In this video, three young men could be seen taking to their heels as a bride threw her bridal bouquet. We all know the implications of bridal bouquets so it is quite incredible to see these young men ran away instead of "fighting" hard to catch it. This has sparked a lot of reactions. You cannot tell if they are afraid to go into marriage or something of that sort. The way they ran away even made the bride herself to laugh so hard. 

I am very sure these young men might be having their various reasons why they took to their heels when the bridal bouquet was thrown.

Kindly click on the link below to watch the video;

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Fear Of Marriage


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