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3 things you would never expect your kid brothers and sisters would do.

If a question is being thrown asking " how has your relationship with your kid brothers or sisters been so far" I guess I would just jump straight to the answer by saying how unbearable they are, but I don't know about you. Leaving with them has been fun , unbearable , annoying and at the same time interesting. When it comes to this kids do not underestimate them,they are smart , intelligent and secret keepers.

Let me tell you three things that you would never expect this kids do.

First of all ,they are the eyes of our parents. I really know what I'm talking about. They sneak in on you just to know what you are doing and send report to mum especially. One evening , when I was on the phone with someone,my bro just badge in and left all of a sudden. To my notice,he was asked by my mum to spy on me what I was doing.

Secondly,they are good at bribing. You wouldn't believe me if I told you my kid bro asked me for money so he wouldn't report to my parents that I have been sneaking to my boyfriend's place every night. I was really in a hot soup during those times but then we'll of course I gave him the money.

Finally, they are good at reporting. I regret the very day I introduced my kid sis to my boyfriend. That very day when we came home, she started narrating conversation that happened between both of them word to word to mum. And then finally said she wanted a boyfriend too,you can imagine the insults I received that day.

But aside all these ,they are still sweet and interesting. Aren't they?? I would like to know your side of story on your relationship with them. I know everyone got something to say about the kid bro or sis.

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