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I Listened To My Mother's Advice To Marry This Man, But I'm Now Going Through Hell

Opportunity as they say always comes but once and I squandered my chances in life which I think it will be a great lesson to every reader of this story.

I'm Dede, now 31 years old. I live in one of the mining communities in Ghana. I met this guy when I was in the secondary school. We became friends and later, it developed into something else. We were in the same community.

I could not further my education after I completed my secondary school due to one thing; I was poor in academia. My guy was excellent and was two years ahead of me so he got admission into university. I ventured into petty trading which fetched me money. I helped him for his education through the little income I gained.

Things started falling apart when he completed his university education, getting a job was a problem. The burden on me was too much to bear so I got a bad advice from my mother. Yes! My biological mother advised me to leave him. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, I met this man who works at the mining company who promised to marry me.

I left my boyfriend to follow this man. My boyfriend tried everything he could do to win me back, but nothing successful came out from his push. At the end, I didn't know that this man is already married with six children. We stayed together for eight years before I got to know all these. I also have three kids with him and I'm passing through hell. Hardly does he give me money to feed my children.

Now, my old boyfriend is the human resources manager of the mining company and he is married to my best friend who was there for him in times of crisis. They are enjoying life.

Maybe, we were not meant together but the fact of the matter is I shouldn't have listened to my mother's advice.

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