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"Play Hard To Get" - 3 Killer Moves To Trick Women To Chase You

Have you ever wondered that a woman chasing a guy in this modern era. It is totally possible to spark that emotional attraction and make her chase you. Compelling a woman to chase is a trait of Alpha Males and not guys who are nervous and shy even to approach a girl. The complete art of playing hard to get in dating is often a debatable experience. Whiles other pick up artist or counselor advices you not to play hard to get, others also think that playing hard to get brings you much closer.

I've use this strategy of playing hard to get and I might say, it has really helped me. Those who never use the art of playing hard to get are those "nice guys" who are even shy to approach a woman and don't see themselves as worth the chase. Here are 5 unbeatable tricks to play hard to get.

1. Make Yourself The Prize

The dating arena is similar to the boxing arena and it depends it who wins. You should know that there are two persons in the arena and can't crown one the winner without a fierce fight. Similarly to the dating arena, you must see yourself as the prize and instruct her emotions to follow suit. Women want guys who are hard to get and not those who are needy and nervous. This believe of making her case you by playing hard to get is extremely important if you are interested in a long term goal.

2. Don't Pose Too Needy

Posing too needy automatically would land you no date. No matter the kind of attraction you feel for her, pose to be interested and not interested at the same time. Make her see you are worth the chase and you are capable of walking away anytime. This is one thing that differentiate the "nice guys" from the "bad boys".

3. Spark Emotions In Her

This is the stage that involve hardwork and persistence. You cannot win the game of love just in a day. You go about with your flirting game with her by making very good use of your hands and lips to get her attracted to you. I've recently spark attraction in one of my colleagues in school who seems to be friendly but hard to get.

It as an uttermost surprise to my friend on class when this trick of having her fall for me work. She has of late been calling me anytime we cross on campus and that how this attraction techniques works.

Thanks for reading HoneyLoveBird. You can share your thoughts in the comments section of what you feel about a girl and I promise would help you have her.

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