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She is my girlfriend not my sister: Yaw Gentle breaks the Internet with hilarious pictures.

The first moments you spot someone and he or she gets a glimpse of you can be decisive. Herein lies a ''go/no go" decision. Scientists tell us that love's seeds are often sown during the first few minutes of a relationship.

When two cats meet for the first time, they stop and look at each other. If one hisses, the other bristles his coat and hisses back. However, if the first kitten gives a little nudge with its cold nose, the other kitten responds in kind, and they wind up purring together and licking each other's coats.

Love is indeed something that is very beautiful. A young instagram star who goes by the name "gentle" posted a picture on her page and it is causing much stir. He further explained that the lady is not his sister but girlfriend.

This was quite surprising to a lot of people because many saw h as someone who is a kid. I believe this is Ghana's version of "Grand P" from ivory Coast.

Take a look at the picture that is indeed hilarious but the guy claim the lady to be his girlfriend.

A man and a woman getting to know each other are like two little animals sniffing each other out. We don't have tails that wag or hair that bristles, but we do have eyes that narrow or widen. We have hands that flash knuckles or subconsciously soften in the palms-up "I submit" position. There are dozens of other "involuntary" reactions that take place in the first few moments of interaction. The good news is that we can learn to control these presumed involuntary reactions.

The moment you set eyes on each other, your Potential Love Partner subconsciously reads the subtleties of your body language. In these first crucial moments, he or she can unconsciously resolve to try for romantic takeoff or abort thoughts of love. His or her mind then becomes computer-like, and your PLP continues to make rapid decisions about you during your first conversation, your first date.

Picture credit : instagram

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