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Single but living married (see wat happened) Episode 1

Single but living married 

You see snakie, you need to go to the university, don't be deceived by the money that comes your way now, you will have plenty of money when you graduate, as for the girls, they are many of them in the university.

Big, small, tin, fat or light, skinned you will get them plantiful, just try and ain admission and you will see that girl will start coming your way unlike this one you are disturbing yourself presently......(my uncle's advise).

I was surprised hearing from my uncle who graduated from the University 3 years ago that I will get enough girls to bleep once I gained admission to into the university..... So it's that how girls are planty in the university? Then I must Gain admission for me to get enough girls to bleep I said to myself.

Fast forward to some mouths later, I already passed my jamb and gained admission after my name came out on the list this was not not after we know somebody that knows someone and connected us to someone that knows the right person and was able to give tips to that right person before my name came out this way, this was more reason I was frustrated about university in the first place how can you explained some one that scored 253 in jamb and got all his SSCE results complete but still has to tip someone before he could Gain admission.

A night before my first day in school, my mom called me to advise me,

She said:- snakie how many ears do you have and I said 2 mom, what are they ment for?..... For listening..., My son, the money we are using to send you to school is our hard earned money, when you get to school, please remember the child of whom you are, don't join bad gangs, don't go to where you are not supposed to be, focus on your books please and the most important thing is that you should not follow girls...... even if you want to have girlfriend, one is okay and you can let me know her, you know one thing about girls is that our Kitty cat are not different from each other, it's faces that you guys bleep (you see different fine girls and you want to bleep her but in reality it's the same Kitty cat that she has that your girlfriend have too) we are not like you guys that have different types of Dickson all lady have just one hole...... Please my son don't follow faces and be bleeping all around.

When you get the perfect person please be ok with her my son...... Ok mom I have heard all what you have said, I won't disappoint you mom, I replied. Comment next

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