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How A Woman Will Test You Before Falling For You

One thing about girls we all know is that, they're complicated and they take relationships really seriously. Before any girl gets in a relationship, they always wanna be sure that it is right.

So you may or may not know it, but every girl tests a guy before dating him. It is really strange how they do it, but they do and you may or may not notice it. So if you want to know how and if a girl is testing you, these are some of the ways below.

1. She will push you to your limit

One thing girls fear and absolutely detest is getting into a relationship were always there's fighting and anger. So because they wouldn't want to be in that kind of relationship, they'll always check to see if you're quick tempered. That way they'll know what they're getting into, and also know if their partner has anger issues.

2. She will act needy

See girls like to be cared for, and if they meet a man who cares for them, they go for it. So in other to find out if they're man is caring, they'll try to act like a gold digger. You know, just to see how far you can go to satisfy them. And if finally you strike, then they have their answer.


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