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Dangerous Addictions That One Needs God To Break Free From

It takes a a minute for addiction to be planted in one's life and several years to break free from. In most cases, the individual involved, leaves with the addition till he dies because he lacks the will power to get freed from it.

Addictions is habitual psychological or physical dependence on a substance or practice that is beyond one's voluntary control. Addiction is different from habit because when it is a habit one is in control of his choice, but in addition your choice controls you.

One dangerous aspect of addiction is that the individual continues to take or indulge in the activity even when they have developed illness associated or linked to that addiction. Addiction often leads to guilt, shame, hopelessness, despair, rejection, failure, anxiety, depression and humiliation.

Now what are these dangerous addiction? They includes the following :

1)Smoking : this is dangerous to the health of the smoker. Any substance smoked into the body is harmful be it cigarettes or Marijuana. It can lead to lungs cancer, kidney cancer, mouth cancer, cancer of the pancreas, leukemia and others. It is believed that 5 minutes is removed from a life span of a smoker in a every stick of cigarette smoked. Scientists have confirmed that cigarettes contained more than 4000 compounds which includes nicotine, carbon monoxide, tar and others. But when one is advised to quit, the smokers will tell you that something must kill a man.

2)Alcoholism: this is another dangerous Addictions that regularly draws money from the addict. Have you ever seen a rich alcoholics before? This addiction can lead to kidney failure and stomach cancer. But when you tell the indulging individual to quit they will tell you 'all die be die'

3)Pornography: This is printed or visual materials containing explicit descriptions or display of sexual organs or activities, intended to Stimulate or incite sexual excitements. When one is involved in viewing this article type of contents, it drained the productive time of the individual and make one to practice what he or she has viewed which may often be negative. Most rape cases have been associated with this.

Other types of dangerous Addictions include masturbation and sex addiction which I will discuss in time to come

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