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"Spark Attraction In Women" - 4 Ways To Make A Good Impression With Great Online Photos

Making a good impression on a lady place you on a high social ladder of attracting her or make her fall in love with you. Be mindful that, no matter how beautiful and cute a woman looks, there is definitely some fault on her. The digital age has brought about the use of applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram that can be used to communicate between family and friends. Making a first impression on a lady online is something which needs to be done with much care and constant practice.

Most men out there find the opportunity to chat with a lady online but due to their attraction tactics, they get shunned by these same women. Some have been seen as a "sugar daddy" who they go to anytime they are in need. It is time we turn the tables around. Below are few tips to help you make a good first impression on any lady.

1. Update with good and quality photos

Indeed, women are drawn by what they see and hear. You can be that cute guy who is able to sweep them off their feet if you constantly update yourself with good photo. As an Alpha Male, you shouldn't run out of high quality pictures on your handset.

2. Make Sure You Take Photo Alone

That is also a wonderful bait in attracting the girl of your dreams. Having a photo of you in between your friends or with your ex is not recommended. This trick actually work as far as online dating is concerned. I've use this trick and it has never failed me, so it won't fail you too.

3. Photo Should Be Clear

You can't be looking forward to attract a woman with a blurry photo. It's a little but irritating and automatically turns the rush of the girl off. Also, you should not appear too big or small in the photo. Features of your body should easily be outlined and seen.

4. Put On A Smiling Face

No woman is attracted to a guy frowns too much. That's a big turnoff to guys who though having a good facial appearance but frowned face. I have seen photos trending online in which they would have look better of they had smiled. Smile is the secret weapon of every Alpha Male who is ready to change his sorrows into complete joy.

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