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You Are Committing Spiritual Adultery In Your Marriage When You Do These things

You Are Committing Spiritual Adultery When You Obey Your Pastor Over Your Husband” – A popular Celebrity Says

A Nigerian popular media personality, activist, and social media influencer Reno Omokri has once again taken to his official Facebook page to advise married couples to disease from the act of saying no, to their husbands or wives when they are really in the mood.

He explains that, men have higher libidos than women and the more a woman continues to say no, no to her husband, the more vulnerable he becomes.

Mr. Reno Omokri advises that, married women should try as much as possible to make time from their busy schedules for their husbands than to keep giving excuses that her work does allow her to perform her duty or role as a house wife in your marital home.

These he said will go along way to stop other ladies or women work on your husband while you are at work.

According to the socialite, apart from God no other relationship should be hounour your husband or wife and that the main duty of a husband and a wife is to each other. Reno Omokri believes that even if you obey your pastor over your husband, you are committing spiritual adultery.

He however encourages married men and women to hounour their husbands above any job that one may find herself in as a Wife.

“ Understand Human biology. Men have higher libidos than women. When you say no, no, no to your husband, you make him vulnerable. Even if work puts you off the mood, still make time for your husband, so others don’t work on him while you are at work!”

The post when further to state the duties of a husband to his wife and a wife to her husband. “ The main duty of a husband and a wife are to each other. Other than God, every relationship is below that duty. So, honour your husband or wife above your job, boss or pastor. If you obey your pastor over your husband, you have committed spiritual adultery” he wrote.

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