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"Fearless Approach" - 3 Quick Ways To Deal With The Fear Of Approaching Women

The fear of approaching women has gripped the heart of many guys and this makes it absolutely impossible to approach women. Well, I've had my fair share of the cake of rejection. Approaching women is not as difficult as you might think provided you put things in order. Many alpha males wouldn't have been able to get to their stage now until they passed through the due process of rejection. There is this question I keep asking myself. Why do most guys fear approaching women? I guess you also have been asking yourself the same question several times.

Your willingness to dominate the dating scene with some strategic approach can go a long way to help you. Below are some quick ways to deal with the fear of approaching women and become the favourite of every woman you come across.

Accept Rejection Is Part Of The Game

Yes, accepting that rejection is part of the game can help mould you to become a better male. Accept that rejections is part of the game and no alpha male you see out there hasn't encountered countless rejection before they've become the man they are today. Don't let rejections weigh you down. I've been rejected over five times by the same woman I've been chasing to be with but I'm still on my ground to keep a clean sheet.

Change Your Focus

This very much important if you want succeed in the game of love. Don't focus your attention on the rejection and the negative sides but have a positive mindset and see things get better. I've come to understand that, most guys tend to focus more on the rejection they've gotten from their crush rather than focusing on why they got rejected. I never knew I would have become a master in the game of love until I changed my attitude and shifted my focus from the negative side.

Only Believe

This can be a powerful trait if you have it in you. Only believe that what you are doing is going to get better. Most guys don't believe they can impress a woman and start a date with her due to their low self confidence. I used over three years to deal with my self confidence before approaching women and that has helped me greatly. You can also do that but not using three years but simple tips to make you get to that level quickly. Believe that you are capable of making the impossible possible.

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Fearless Approach


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