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Guys, These Are 7 Signs That Show She's Cheating On You

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Every couple in a relationship has this feeling of hatred towards his or her cheating partner, and in much cases, it ends up into a break up between partners who could have form a wonderful and lovely family together.

Research has proven that, between men and women in a relationship, men cheats more than that of women. It has also shown that women in their nature can easily identify a cheating husband/boyfriend but hard in the vice versa. For this reasons, there is the need to note down some signs and changes in your partner if she's possibly cheating on you.

Below are seven (7) signs to know if she's actually having an affair outside your relationship;

1. She Spends More Time On Texting.

If you have realized that your girlfriend spends more time on her chats lately than usual, this could be a sign. Of course, it is possible she might be texting her friends or family relatives, but if the action keeps repeating regularly everyday, it means she has got a new texting partner who is no other than a secret lover.

2. She's More Protective Over Her Devices:

Be very observant about how protective she acts when she's on her phone especially when you are sitting besides her. Notice how quickly she shut her laptop when you enter the room or put away devices upon your arrival. This could be a danger to your relationship.

3. She's Less Reachable; 

You could notice that she has made some changes in your regular meeting times. For example if she starts sending you voice mail instead of spending more time with you on chat. Or if she keep giving you fishy excuses for not coming to your house at night like she usually does, or putting her phone on silent, there is a chance that she's hiding something from you.

4. Interested In New Hobbies She Use To Hate:

If she starts to develop interest in things she previously didn't like, there's the need for you to ask yourself why. For example, if she begin having interest in watching football, listening to a particular genre of music she previously use to hate, it is either she may just be exploring some different passions or there may be someone else who's influencing her.

5. Putting More Efforts In Her Appearance Than Usual:

You may have notice that your girlfriend has started wearing more makeups or dressing sexier. Of course It is not bad to improve on her appearance, but if she always does this not to impress you or have nothing to do with when you spend time together or go on dates, then it means she's doing that to look good for someone else.

6. Regularly Fighting With You For No Reason:

If she finds someone new in her life, she starts picking fighting with you because she will try to compare the two of you. In this case, she believes in the new man because he treat him better and seems perfect.

7. She Stops Sharing Her Thoughts With You: 

Normally, two people in a relationship should be sharing their thoughts and feelings with each other. For this reason, if your partner keep hiding her emotional feelings and thoughts fron you, it means something is wrong somewhere. She may have been sharing it with a different man outside your relationship.

The best way to determine whether any of these signs may point to cheating is to confront them.

Once you’ve set aside some time to address it, you can calmly bring up some of the behaviors you’ve noticed that are concerning you. The best way to keep the discussion civil is to ask questions rather than make statements, focusing on how their actions are making you feel. For example, you might say: “I’ve noticed you haven’t been sharing much with me lately and it’s making me feel disconnected from you. Is there a reason why?” or “It seems like you’re quick to hide your phone when I come in the room and that worries me a little, what’s up with that?”

These are the seven signs you should always look for should incase you have doubt in your relationship.

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