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Girls don't like me because I am ugly, I want to kill myself.

I don't want to blame God for creating me this ugly but what was the point in creating me ugly if he knew I was going to struggle to find love? I look at myself in the mirror an I am so disappointed in myself.

Growing up, I used to be very confident when I was until people started to mock me for my looks. They gave me so many nicknames, they called me Caricature, Ahuofe (the handsome one), kaakaamotobi (the mask) and Sunsum (a Ghanaian actor known for his hideous face). I kind of accepted my fate and survived through all the mockery with the hope that at least I would find someone who would love me as I am. After all, they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

In senior high school, I wasn't so much interested in girls. Perhaps because I was in an all boys school. My love problems started in the university. I am now in level 300 but not a single girl I has shown an interest in me. Even getting female friends is a problem. Those who are bold enough to get closer to me end up leaving in the end because they cannot stand the mockery of being called "a friend to the ugly boy."

If I cannot even make female friends how am I going to secure a girlfriend? This thing has been bothering me for sometime now and I cannot see anything to live for if girls do not like me. I fear I will be single for life, I really need an advice on this one. Somebody help me, I just want to end it.


22 y/o male

University of Ghana.

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Ahuofe Caricature Ghanaian Sunsum kaakaamotobi


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