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It’s Official, All Ghanaian Men Must fear Women “Ankasa.”

They say the enemy you know is better than the enemy you’ve no idea of. In this life, there are certain things that cannot be trivialized and relationship is one of those things. When two consent adults come together as couples, whether official or unofficial, they both undertake certain decisions that drag their minds and hearts in the relationship. Some end up in tears, mental homes or marriage homes. Inasmuch as I admit the cause of the relationship challenges could come from both sides, the odds are high on one gender and the other has to be on a constant lookout.

But whatever be the case, as a man, be on guard. Be on guard because the news in town will sweep you off your feet. According to the Durex Survey, Ghanaian women ranked first in "unfaithful relationships" across the globe. According to the China Press, Malaysians are ranked third in the world for being the most unfaithful partners. This is a yearly survey and last year, Nigerians topped the chart. This year’s survey didn’t feature Nigeria at all, perhaps, they have “arrive” at their level of unfaithfulness. However, this year’s survey had Ghana rising to the dominant state and that is very gloomy.

Just this month alone, Josephine Panyin of Takoradi faked a pregnancy for 9 months at the blind side of her husband. She further arranged for kidnap story and played it just fine until the Ghana Police truncated the whole drama. If a woman can circumvent her husband from having sex with her for months because of a fake pregnancy, then you know there is fire on the mountain.

Top European footballer, Odartey’s wife also confirmed that women should be feared. This woman had 3 children and a husband. But the husband wasn’t the father of any of the children. Again, she is fighting the husband in court, claiming lands and houses. I mean, who does that? Such a mean human being!

Video of the whole Oyerepa Story:

On September 23, 2021, one Baba Solomon disclosed on Oyerepa FM’s “Oyerepa Afutuo” that his wife employed some assassins to kill him so that she can keep the properties of the man. She agreed to pay GHS40,000 to the assassins and made a down payment of GHS10,000. This is a woman who is married and has children with her husband. It is just super amazing how some people can go to this extent of taking life. But well, some of our women have the heart for that. Therefore, all men are to be on the lookout and stay faithful because the is fire on the mountain. 

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