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VIDEO: Two Ladies Captured Fighting In The Middle Of The Road Because Of A Man

Sometimes it baffles the mind of social media users why some ladies get time to fight over a man who might probably not marry them. It is considered that a man who sincerely loves a woman will never, under any circumstances, cheat on her with another woman. However, some women refuse to accept this reality, and as a result, they get into useless fights over men.

Looking at the screenshot from the video below, a lady in a house dress and a lady in uniform are seriously exchanging blows in the middle of the road. According to the person who posted this video on social media, the student is a side chick to the husband of the lady in the house dress.

The alleged student at High School beats the woman to a pulp. They were fighting furiously that even when cars were blowing horns on them they couldn't hear and bother themselves to get off the road. The student threw heavy punches that the lady fell down in the middle of the road.

At some point in time, the breast of the lady in the house dress got off from her dress but she didn't even bother to put it back inside because she was so angry. The other students standing at the place where this fight took place did bother themselves to even separate this fight as their colleague beats the woman mercilessly. Some of the students were even seen laughing uncontrollably at this lady.


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