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Before going to a man's house for the first time, ask yourself these questions.

Women are vulnerable and tender, known to be placed ahead of men in physical fights, and men always win. 

Meeting a man and knowing a man are two very different things. For women who have witnessed and thought about the sexual weakness of society, some precautions must be taken before they can fully trust men. 


When a man and a woman pass the above conditions, the next line of the relationship requires the woman to visit the man's cradle. As an innocent young woman, you need to ask yourself these questions before visiting a man's home for the first time.

Are you ready?

Visiting a man's house is not an honest journey, as we think. If this is an honest journey, the girls don't need to lie to their parents before they leave. 

Some men aren't motivated to ask you out, but make sure you're ready to go on a date with him or find a date elsewhere. You need to plan. 

So ask yourself this important question before visiting a man's home for any reason.

Do you love him enough?

Before going to his house, you need to make sure you like it. Some women think they are smart but are overwhelmed by their male colleagues. 


So before entering his house, make sure you love and trust him, so as not to regret anything and avoid stories they touch.


Do you trust him enough for your safety?


Do you feel safe with him and believe you are safe with him without hurting yourself? 


There was an unfortunate case where a woman was the victim of a conspiracy that ultimately end up being killed. So be sure he is the right person before visiting his home. To be more mindful of your safety, you can tell your best-trusted friend where you are going so they can notify your parents if you are missing.


At this time, it is important to be very careful in our decisions before committing ourselves.

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