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6 Ways To Make A Lady Develop Feelings For You.

There are numerous ways you can make a lady develop feelings for you as a man. Or are you finding it hard to make a lady love you no matter how hard you try? Then it means you have been going through it the wrong way. Sometimes, women can be complicated and hard to study. But if you take it one step at a time with the right moves, you can win her heart. As a man, you should understand that making a lady develop feelings for you. You have to make a move, so she can notice you.

Because if you don't make a move, she might not notice you. So when you do, then you can start caring, checking up on her and also give her your undivided attention.

1. Get her attention.

As a man, the first to know if you want a woman to develop feelings for you is to get her attention. If you don't let her know then, she might not know you're interested in her, she might never know. As a man, you can get her attention by making her feel special and letting her get to know you. When she starts feeling comfortable around you, she will start giving your attention. And during this process she can develop feelings for you.

2. Build a strong relationship with her.

As a man, you don't just walk up to a lady and approach her and expect her to develop affection for you immediately. It takes time. That is why it is advisable to build a strong relationship with her first before expecting her to develop affection for you. The first step of creating a strong relationship is for you both to get to know each other very well. By doing so she can get to know you, and you can also get to know her more. If she is impressed with your personalities and how you do your things, she will start developing feelings for you.

3. Spend quality time with her.

As a man, a lady can't develop feelings for you if you don't spend quality time with her. When you start creating amazing moments with her, she will begin to enjoy your company and would always want you around her. And from there, she will start developing feelings for you because she wants you in her life. But when you don't spend quality time with her, she doesn't get to know you perfectly, and this will be difficult for her to develop feelings for you.

4. Always call and text her.

Another way of making a girl develop feelings for you is by calling or texting her. If you're not close to her. And you don't call or text her, she won't be able to tell if you truly care about her. But when you begin to call and text her just to check up on her, this will create the impression that you care about her. And she will give you a chance to get to know her. And during this period, she can develop feelings for you.

5. Always be there for her.

As a man, when you're always there for her, and she can always count on you. This will make her trust and believe in you. Every lady wants a man who will always be there for her. A man who can stand by her during her difficult times. If you're always there for her as a man, she can also develop feelings for you.

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