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A Guy Looked At My Eyes And He Could Detect That I Was Crushing On Him - How Did He Do That?

I have been friends with a certain guy since the matriculation day in the university. On the day of the matriculation, I found myself in an unpleasant situation where I soiled my expensive white dress with a drink.

Upon realizing my discomfort, a guy who was sitting two seats beside me approached me, and he gave me his bag to wear and cover up the stain until I went to the hall to change my dress.

Since then, we became friends and we never hesitated to help each other. We helped each other financially. Also, when any of us was down, we worked together to support each other.

As a result of the feeling of belongingness we shared, he never desired to find a girlfriend on campus neither did I desire to find a boyfriend. As for me, the boys were always coming my way with series of dating-proposals but I 'bounced' all of them away.

We are in level 400 now, and we are currently working on our project work. Last week, my friend happened to visit me at my hostel to assist me to type some pages of my project work whilst I prepared some meal and washed my clothes.

After the meal was set and we were eating together, he kept staring at my eyes and I also kept asking him why, but he refused to tell me. He looked at my eyes again for the fourth time, and he told me that he could detect that I was crushing on him.

Indeed, I was embarrassed since it was true that I had been crushing on him from the beginning of the semester. When I asked him how he got to know that, he told me that he realized that my pupils, the small circular rings of my eyes; which appears dark, were dilated (opened up).

In fact, I was surprised upon hearing that, so decided to read about the pupils. Lo-and-behold, I got to realize that the pupils involuntarily opens up in instances like: when one is overly happy, when one is in-love or when the person sees the one they are in love with.

This is interestingly right? You may want to try it to figure out those who have been secretly crushing on you.

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