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My Twin Brother Became Rich In Life But Pretended As If He Had Never Met Me Before (Fiction)

Life is truly full of uncertainties. I never thought my own twin brother could do this to me. We were raised by a single mother not because our father died. They got separated when my mother conceived us. According to our mother he refused to accept the pregnancy after doctors examined our mother and told her she was carrying twins. We grew up helping our mother in her daily activities. She had a grocery store close to the town's main market.

My brother excelled in all subjects and was also a talented football player. Despite the fact that we were twins, I was not academically gifted as my brother, but I had my own power. Trading has been a blessing from God for me.

After high school, my brother was awarded a scholarship to continue his education in the United Kingdom. The preparations for my brother's departure went off without a hitch. All went well for him because God is so sweet.

He earned his master's degree in medicine and worked as a pediatrician in the United Kingdom after 5 years. I was ecstatic for my brother, knowing that he would help his other half achieve success in life, just as he had. He was transferring funds to our mother every month which I benefited.

One day, I called my only brother to discuss how he can help me travel outside the country or help me establish a business here in Ghana so that, I would not become a burden upon him who would constantly be demanding money from him.

 Initially he agreed with me and promised to help me with some money to establish my business. Several months passed but nothing came from my brother. I called on several occasions, but he kept telling me to wait for some time.

 Over two years, nothing changed. One day, I called him and what he told me broke me into pieces. 

Life is not easy here bro, we are all struggling here. The fact that I am living in abroad doesn't mean I have all the money in the world. Get something to do for yourself and live your own life"

After that, he hung up on me and I didn't hear from him for several years. I know that no condition is ever permanent. One day, it will be my turn.

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