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Months after sleeping with her, I found out that she died two years ago. Please help me out- Fiction

Five months ago, I got the opportunity to meet a certain lady for the very first time in my life. I was in the club one Saturday night when I spotted her from a distance. Looking at her form and how beautiful she was, I said to myself that I would definitely get her number before the show ended.

I am the type of guy who doesn't fancy dating people. I don't have time for love, mine is sleeping with girls and moving on with my life. I just get to you and take you to bed no matter who you are. I have a charming look with nicely built muscles and girls cannot get off them when they get to see me.

Fast forward, I had to stare at this beautiful lady for a very long period of time as she wiggled her waist to the tune of the beating songs. Looking at how she responded to the changes in the songs, I was made to believe that the DJ was really playing the songs she loved most. All this while, I sat at my table and was looking at her beauty from afar.

After sometime, she got tired and decided to have a rest at her table. This was the perfect time for me to act and I never wasted such an opportunity to meet this beauty. I went right towards her and asked her if she would like if I bought a drink for her. She felt shy but I told her not to be shy. This saw her nodding to the question I previously asked. She was finally ready to settle for the drink I offered.

I asked the bartender to get her a Pina colada, one of the finest cocktails in the club. She wouldn't mind if I sat right beside her. I mean, who wouldn't love to sit with a very nice guy like me? We started talking at the table and I got to notice that her actions were giving me a positive vibe.

She looked right into my eyes held my hand and asked me to follow her. I didn't know where she was taking me but I had to follow her orders. Surprisingly, this lady took me to the ladies washroom and gave me a "quick one". I am sure you do know what I mean by the term "quick one".

I was very excited since I got to enjoy what I didn't even ask. That girl was so sweet and I wished we continued all night, but that was the ladies washroom and we wouldn't risk our reputation for a "caught" so it had to be cut short. We had to return to our table pretending nothing happened.

Right after the show, I took this girl to my house and we decided to continue the love story that we had in the washroom. This time around we had substituted the washroom with a bed. She was very good in bed and gave me styles I had never seen. She is the only girl I have known who made me come closer to giving up on my principle about not loving any girl.

The girl left my house the next morning after giving me a kiss. I never imagined that kiss would be our final kiss. I called her the next day to tell her I missed her but her phone was off. I tried calling on many different occasions but still, I couldn't reach her so I had to forget her and move on with my life.

Just this morning, I saw a person post her picture on Facebook with the caption, "Rest in peace, it's been 2 years". I couldn't believe my eyes so I had to watch the picture again. Indeed, it was her. The name the post showed was exactly the name she told me. Looking at the comments, I got to know that the girl I slept with some months ago died 2 years ago. This seems weird but it has happened to me. I never believed in such things till I became a victim.

I haven't felt okay after finding out she is a ghost. I have slept with a ghost and I don't know what to do. Right now, I don't even feel like sleeping with other ladies. I have stopped it and I want to give my life to Jesus. I fear I might die soon. Kindly help me out with advices which can make me stable, please.

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