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Husband and wife relationship

VIDEO: Is It Wrong For Your Little Sister To Dance Like This With Your Husband?

In our Ghanaian tradition norm, the little sisters of your wife are your sisters-in-law (wo yernom nketsewa). But the man cannot have any marital affair with the sisters-in-law. People see no problem with it when any of them comes to stay with the married couple. But sometimes we hear of some husbands sleeping with their wives' sisters and this becomes an embarrassment to both families. So some wives are always careful of this and they always watch out for the signs.

Looking at the screenshot above, a man was busily enjoying the buttocks of a lady while music was being played. According to the video recorder, the lady in the pink dress is the sister of the lady in the black dress. The husband was dancing to the music being played in the background when the girl approached the man with her backside for him to enjoy.

The wife got angry at her sister's behavior and went there to stop her. The husband then grabbed his wife and began to use her instead but the wife's sister still went and stood at the husband's back. She tried to enjoy her sister's husband's buttocks. The wife then stopped the husband from dancing.

Some Ghanaians after coming across this video said that the wife did the right thing. Prevention is always better than cure. The jealousy for the husband was in the right direction. She cannot pretend for the sister to create confusion in their marriage.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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