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It is absolutely ok for men to have standards and reject dating 'broke women' — opinion

If you don't have money just hide your face, as bitter as it sounds, that's the hard truth. Every marriage and relationship needs money to make it stonger and pulsate with proper excitement. I don't think there is a universal benchmark on what being broke means thus it is more of a personal definition, we all have standards. 

That said, i don't think it is inappropriate for women to curve a specific kind of man who can take very good care of her needs. Everyone in marriages and relationships have priorities and needs and it makes sense as to why most women reject guys who are financially unstable but it is ok to be with a broke guy if you trust his ambitions in the long run.

However, there seems to a problem when guys give a specific kind of women they want to go out with. Women feel uncomfortable hearing this truth but just as women have the freewill to decide that a guy is broke and unfit to be in a relationship so do guys have that same freewill too. It's all freedom of expression but times have changed, gone are the days when men didn't mind having women depend on them for everything. 

The modern man appreciates and cherishes a hard working woman who has something going on for her, this is not to say or excuse men from their important responsibilities of being the head of the family and taking charge of everything, so it's absolutely ok for a man to have standards. 

So to our dear ladies, instead of complaining about men who are vocal about standards and want nothing to do with broke ladies, try and focus on making it yourself. Men respect hard working women. 

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