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Ever guessed leaving a life without ever hearing the words, 'I LOVE YOU' from a man?

Well,most people might be thinking that every girl on this Earth has been approached by a man and confessed, 'I LOVE YOU' to her.But that's not it,there are girls out there who haven't heard of these words from a man. And have you ever guessed how these girls' relationship will turn out when approached one day. If you haven't , let me share a piece of what I know about girls who have never being confessed to before.

Well , I met this girl back in Senior High School and we got very connected to each other. One thing that surprised me about her was that she had never been approached by a guy before . Not to even talk about the confession if the words 'I LOVE YOU' . At first I was shocked but I can't be blamed because at least , I saw "approached by a guy" a daily talk of a girl. I asked her how she felt within those years and she started to shed tears without me ending the question I wanted to ask her. This shows how hurt she was me. I really do understand what she was going through.After crying for some time she finally spoke saying,"I sometimes feel like I am not even a girl or part of human.I become lonely and sometimes depressed especially standing right next to my friends when they are approached".

After some years of completing school,one hot afternoon ,I had a phone call .I rushed to pick up the call and guessed who it was,my most trusted friend .She told me she was in a relationship.Hmmm,the last thing I would have thought of, if asked to guess the cause of the call . I was shocked but it was meant to happen. I asked how she manages her relationship but she told she had to read a lot of books on relationship and stuff,but now she is really happy and doing very well.

So guys as you can see , that's how your life is when u have never been confessed to before

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