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Ladies: Check Out 7 Casual And Subtle Moves No Man Can Resist

A woman has many tools and weapons capable of reducing even the most even-headed and sensible man to jelly. You’ve just got to know how to use them. If you want to know how to make a guy hard using your physical attributes, read on and you’ll know everything there is that you can use to turn a guy on and leave him horny in your presence.

This particular write-up lays emphasis on how to make a guy horny and hard in his shorts just by sitting next to him with the most subtle of moves.

Speech and conversation. When it comes to knowing how to make a guy hard and horny, it’s not only the things you say, but also how you say them, giving him the picture as to where you hope to head, and putting a bit of lead in his pencil as a result.

Tone. Avoid being squawky and high-pitched when you talk one-on-one, a real turn-off for most guys. Keep your voice low, gentle, and husky for maximum sexual effect.

Appreciation. Take time to tell him how much you appreciate aspects of his physicality strong arms, nice butt, broad chest, etc. Guys are usually pretty narcissistic, and they’ll get their groove on for a well-placed compliment. With the right compliments, you’ll leave any guy spending hours thinking of you, fantasizing about you, and wishing he could be with you, over and over again.

Lips. Nothing sends a sexual signal out to a guy quite as effectively as sensually licking the lips. A truly powerful invitation to sexual adventure.

Blow in his ear. Oh yes, the ol’ “blow in your ear” trick. Well, there’s a reason that it’s a thing, right? Ears are erogenous zones for both men and women, so it’s a great way to get a guy hard. It’s subtle and exciting, and it will get him turned on. You can even nibble it if you want.

Suggestive texts. These days, a lot of the sexual turn-ons happen when you’re not even together. So, texts are a common way to flirt and give him a hard-on. So, you can send him messages asking him to guess what you’re wearing or what you would like to do to him.

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