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How to gain self respect

Sometimes it pays not to take everything as a world cup. I am learning seriously of late. If you don't read me on certain matters, it is because experience has taught me some lessons. 

We all have fought for people who later joined forces with the supposed enemies against us. We inherited people's hatred against other people only to see them in bed together and then we became the bad guys. We now understand how it feels like to be a 'third person' when we poke our nose into the affairs of two lovers whose love has turned sour. 

If you provoke a fight, go and fight it alone or if your relationship is going sour, go and repair it. 

If you are insulted, you can choose to insult back but l am out of that nasty king Kong attitude. 

I have my own battles to fight and l am focused on them. Life is too short to be looking for all the fights in the world and adding them to your own, which is already breaking your back.

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