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2 Major Things A Woman Want In The Morning, But She Will Not Tell You.

Women are the most complicated species on this planet. They might silently want something but won’t tell you. Especially how they want their day to start off with( the waking and romantic sides). There are some certain things every woman wants in the morning but will never tell you and they expect you to know them.

Research has shown that one of the very kindhearted and soft set of GOD'S creation in Ghana are women. They behave a very special and specific way. You can never tell what a woman wants unless she tells you.

You can never read or understand what they have in mind unless they open up and tell you. Generally, women are too difficult to understand. Ordinarily, a woman expects you as a man to know what she is passing through. She would want you to read her mood and be able to attend to her.

1. They Want You To Wake Them Up Like Babies:

Nothing gives a woman a greater joy than being wake up like a baby by her man. She wants you to cuddle her and whisper something that will send some shivers all over her body. They always want you to treat them like they are the most fragile beings on Earth. This is the part I enjoy from my man especially those sweet moments, and I love his arms around my body. This keeps my day as warm as a morning brewed coffee.

2. Kissed every morning:

Many will be not agree but it will surprise you to know that its the dream of every woman to be kissed every morning on the forehead. Its a practical message that they are heavily loved and adored by you. This makes them really feel happy.

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