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For 15 Years in Marriage, I Only Slept With my Wife For Less Than 10 Times- Pastor Narrates

A pastor has narrated his story on how his ex- wife denied him his marital rights while he was still married to her.

Pastor Stephen mentioned that his wife had refused to grant him conjugal rights for the entire fifteen-years in their marriage, and that he had only made love with her six times or less over the course of the marriage, he also stated that his wife left him in order to move in with another man.

Despite being married on their wedding night, Stephen's ex-wife had refused to have romance with him, and this has led him to suspect that she was seeing another man outside their marriage.

Having no children from his first marriage was no problem for him because he adored his wife, the marriage was extremely important to him, and that's why he didn't mind it. When his wife was angry with him, he kept his hands to himself and never for once hit her.

Following the disclosure that his wife had been having an affair with her employee, Pastor Stephen decided to end the marriage, but he had absolutely no doubts about his wife's fidelity as he believed she could not lie.

He queried his employee, "Do you have any doubts about everything you've said?" His wife found out, but it wasn't a big deal to her. Her repeated refusal to apologize resulted in the situation continuing as before for her.

Even though Stephen had been separated from his wife for five years, he went ahead and filed for divorce. In the last ten years, they have had three children, and they are happily married to someone else. He was divorced for nearly two decades when he was twenty-one years old, having originally wed at that age.

If you want to keep your relationship on the right track, you should be your partner's best friend and get to know the person's real character, as this is the best way to prevent something similar to his situation from happening in the future.

Divorce is better than a toxic marriage When you get out of a bad marriage, you may lose a spouse but you actually gain happiness instead. Life is too short to waste it on contradictory people and unhealthy relationships. 

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