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You Chose To Propose To Me At A Low-Cost Place After Dating Me For 5 Years; Keep Your Ring - Lady

A young lady between the ages of 20 and 30 has rejected her boyfriend's proposal because she believes her boyfriend proposed to her at a cheap location. As many people are aware, some ladies expect that their boyfriends will plan something extraordinary when they decide to propose to them officially. However, the young man in your picture didn't study her girlfriend well to know how she wants her marriage proposal to be and she embarrassed him in a public place.

If you watch the video carefully, you can see that this couple was at McDonald's located in San Bernardino (United States of America) buying food when the gentleman went down on his knees. He removed his engagement ring and said, "Baby, will you marry me?". The people at the place were overheard in the video shouting and telling the lady to accept the ring. The lady, however, looked into her boyfriend's eyes and said, "Are You alright? What is the meaning of this? We have dated for 5 years and you couldn't get any place to propose to me except McDonald's?".

The lady after saying this walked away looking extremely angry and disappointed. The reason is that some ladies in the United States of America consider McDonald's restaurants as 'cheap' food joints. This is the reason why the lady rejected her boyfriend's marriage proposal. She was probably expecting her boyfriend to organize something special and propose to her after dating her for five years.

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