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These Are Why You Must Fear Women.

Women are very important to society in many aspect of life. But so you know what women are?.

I want to show you who a woman is:

A woman who who love you will definitely make you prosper in all your ways in life. She will lay down her life to support you in Every aspect of your life until you achieve a goal.

The same way if you fall into the hands of a wrong woman, no matter how strong you're, she will dried your vision until you are left with nothing then she leaves you.

However, on this note, we say women have power then men, they can Chang your future brightness into desolation and at the same time can make your dreams be achieved.

Don't ever see a woman as a week vessels. They control the power of men.

Remember the heart of a man is 99% controlled by a woman. They have a tone of voice that bring the heart of men under their control. Do not take it as simple else you're at a danger zone of loosing your value as a man. Just as it happened to Adam who was controlled by Eve.

Be careful about women and fear them as possible if you want to go well in life.

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