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Divorce Affair

The poor are consoling themselves with the divorce news that money cannot save a marriage.

The poor are consoling themselves with the divorce news; money is not everything, money cannot save a marriage and what not.

Money can't save marriage, we know it, we know that poverty can keep you in an abusive marriage because you can't afford a rent. Money makes marriage better and makes divorce better. Money makes you live life on the right terms. 

Woa look at Melinda, she even still refers to herself as Gates. 

If she was Kweku papa's wife, she'd have reverted to father Oppong's name long ago. 

1. She is not moving into her parents home

2. She might end up being the richest woman in the world

3. She won't use child support as a means of survival

4. No after "years of abuse" I can't take it any longer" nonsense biaa.

5. It's simple, we have gone for twenty-seven years, raising three children who wouldn't roam the street with application letters, now the Bluetooth device is no longer reader to pair

6. We meuve but we will still chop the money together by working in our organisation.

7. We will still help you poor people who can't afford a vaccine and yet giving birth rough rough rough

Money any day

Poverty has a way of motivating you at the least opportunity, don't fall for it, poverty is only good at binding you in bad marriages. 

Money can't save marriage money can't save marriage. 

Now take this mic and tell the house, what can poverty save?

Isaac Kyei Andoh

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Gates. Kweku Melinda Woa


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