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Five Circumstances That Bring Unfaithfulness In Marriage

Faithfulness is defined as a loyalty or ability to be trusted. In actual fact it is a positive requirements for marriage couples especially christians.

When couples are living together and everything goes on smoothly, they don't normally experience unfaithfulness until the unexpected happens.

The truth of the matter is, no man or woman will enter into marriage with the hope that one day the spouse will be unfaithful or he or she will be unfaithful.

But issues of life is a hidden thing. Sometimes situations brings the unplanned along.

So sometimes if you are not fortunate or do not pray enough you may experience it. Either you or your spouse may be a victim if proper care is not taken.

Below are some of the circumstances which leads to unfaithfulness in marriage.q

1. Poverty

Poverty is a strong force that when it hit a home, the couple must work hard to take it off.

Because it will create confusion all the time till it destroys that home. To survive in life, one thing we need is money.

So when this medium is lacking in a couples life it pushes unfaithfulness in that marriage.

2. Long separation

When couples separate for a longer period, it will take divine grace for both to stay faithful.

Because it will sound to them that even when I go for another man or a woman my partner wouldn't know because we aren't together.

Therefore when partners separate for any reason, they should work hard to come together else the unplanned will happen suddenly.

3. Joblessness

A man need to work to bring home money and a woman is to support the man tbe man by working too.

So when couples are jobless, they most of the time try to seek help somewhere either from friends, families, church members etc.

In this journey of seeking for job till getting it, if care is not taken unfaithfulness one way or the other will set in.

And when job is not gotten at all, this is where most couples look for any means to get money for survival. And the unplanned happens.

4. Sudden prosperity

One of the things that bring joy to a home is money and it also does the opposite when care is not taken.

When a man has gone through poverty for a while and things change, most mean in this wise also changes because prosperity has set in.

5. Childless

Most of the couples marry with the hope of having children to call their own.

So when they marry and this issue is not being accomplish, some couples try to seek help from outside their home.

And most of them fall victims to the adultery which brings unfaithfulness. May every marital home be blessed with children.

When you find yourself in any of the the above circumstances, you must be on high alert for temptation to be unfaithful.

And work and pray towards it that you don't fall into such temptation.

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