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If A Woman Cannot Do These 5 Things For You, Don't Let Her Stay

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Some women are willing to be takers, giving little or nothing in return for the benefits they receive from their love relationships. It's past time for you to move on from your relationship as well.

As a result, any woman who cannot to do any of these five things outlined below should be let go or shouldn't be permitted to stay.

1. Doesn't make you feel spoiled

Men too are entitled to be spoiled. While this does not negate your responsibility to lavish and make your girlfriend feel like a queen at all times.

It is nevertheless necessary to mention that you, too, require pampering, surprise dates, trips to exotic locations, and other inexpensive amenities that correspond to your current status in life.

2. Inability to cook

If a woman cannot cook for you, what's the point in staying with her? There is a saying that, the way to man's heart is through his stomach.

2. Doesn't back you up

She should be your biggest cheerleader and supporter. Women are particularly adept at this. If yours isn't and doesn't appear to be interested in changing anytime soon, abeg!

You truly need and deserve someone to accompany you on your path to success, just as you should accompany her on hers.

Since we're here, it's critical that you understand that your woman's life and yours can coexist. Allowing her to abandon her dreams for yours is never a good idea, and you should never be the one to put out the fire in her eyes. That's a lot more serious.

3. Doesn't provide you with a sense of security

Women need you to give them peace of mind by allowing them to trust your loyalty and unshakable faithfulness to them.

However, here's the thing: This is a responsibility that they owe you as well! You don't need a lady who is always complaining about something and has the emotional intelligence to keep you happy, stress-free, mentally stable, and comfortable with life.

4. What about a little devotion?

It is a two-way street. She gives you her everything, and she is entitled to it as well.

What are your thoughts and say in this?

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