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Why Marriage May Not Be A Good Thing For Everyone

A very good brother of mine from another mother once said that when he marries he will still keep like two concubines aside from his wife. For me, that was another way of admitting that he cannot stay loyal to one woman.

We have all sorts of people doing all sorts of things when it comes to marriage or relationships. Most of these things are things people have built up as a habit over the years that has become their character. Normally when you build things up and they become your character, it becomes nearly impossible to change even if you want to. This is the problem most married people find themselves in

Marriage as we know it from God's idea of marriage may not be good for everyone based on the kind of character they have built up over the years. It will be better for some of us if we just take a deep look at ourselves and accept what we have built up for ourselves over the years.So that we do not end up entangling innocent people in a vicious deadly cycles of pain and hurt

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