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Segos Pumpkin shows how well she is endowed on her pages.

Bodyshape is something that most women treasure most in recent times. Segos is a dancer as well as a model. She has flooded her pages with pictures that shows how well she is endowed. See some of her pictures.

Corporeal sufficiency as perceived in normative legal, political, medical, and cultural narratives becomes a reference point for considering what is necessary or desirable for a properly functioning body. But notions of sufficiency change as expectations of what it takes to sustain life changes in various political, economic, and social contexts and across time periods. The ability to create alternate body forms and functions already exists, and many novel ways of enhancing human capabilities are emerging that will have broad effects on individuals and social life. Descriptions of the variety of enhancement technologies and their ethical and social implications are most substantial in bioethics literature and popular media accounts to date. Many of the ongoing investigations of subjectivity and identity, knowledge production, and the relation of technologies and the body, however, have laid the groundwork for important future work on emerging enhancement technologies and the body.

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Segos Segos Pumpkin


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