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He Lied To Me That They Were His Siblings - Lady Shares Her Painful Broken Heart Story

He Lied To Me That They Were His Siblings But They Were His Children - Lady Shares Her Broken Heart Story 

Unfaithfulness in 21st Century relationships is so common like the sea and fish. More and more people are staying away from relationships because the world is gradually running out of people you can trust.

A lady shared a very cruel broken heart story of how her beloved boyfriend lied to her for two years.

According to the lady who is behind the username AreNutty on Twitter, her boyfriend deceived her by claiming that his children were his siblings and she believed this lie for two years.

The lady reiterated that she was taking care of the children one day and shockingly discovered that they were his kids and not his siblings as she initially thought. She claimed that the revelation was made after she indulged the children in a lengthy chat.

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