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Wedding planning scene

Getting married? Here are 6 kente styles for you.

Weddings are special occasions everyone loves, in Ghana and some parts of African they call it your marriage our wedding. Africans love weddings especially the party and reception part, this is because they get to eat and drink to their heart's content.

The Akan customary marriage has strict policies and regulations that the couple-to-be and their families must respect. It is taboo for the parties preparing an Akans traditional marriage to ignore the Ghanaian engagement list. The Akan list for engagement comprises items that a man must give the bride's family before the marriage ceremony takes place.

In Ghana, there are now two parts to a wedding ceremony, the traditional wedding (engagement) and the white wedding. Mostly the traditional wedding has to do with the couple getting married the traditional and cultural way Ghanaians have always known it. The White Wedding is the second part which was adopted as the country developed.

The term white wedding was coined from the white colour of the wedding dress, which first became popular and known with Victorian elites after Queen Victoria wore a white lace dress at her wedding (the pacesetter of white weddings).The term is now the entire Western wedding routine, most especially in the Christian religion which generally includes a church service during which the marriage begins, followed by a reception, popularly known as buffet or serve yourself at Ghanaian weddings.

Some people decide to have just the traditional wedding because they think the white wedding is a luxury and too much of a cost. Others just prefer just the traditional wedding although they can afford the white wedding. Luxury or not, both traditional and white wedding is a wedding and doing either counts as far as a pastor blesses it and both families agree.

If you are getting married soon, here are 6 styles you should consider.

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