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My Church Secretary Said This to me And I Fell in Love Flat.

A relationship is a complex exercise. For marriage, some women even see it to be a full-time job altogether. In Ghana, most guys have the mundane way of approaching ladies:

They try to woo women by taking their numbers, try to appear caring, run further enquiries about her and her family and finally professed their love. This is highly prevalent and most ladies are perhaps familiar with the process.

However, this man used a different and the woman loved his confidence just fine.

According to a lady called M. M, she was approached by her church secretary who happened to be crushing on her for days. Unlike the usual way, this secretary sat her down one day after service and decided to give her the gospel according to the relationship.

He started by stating his current relationship stand which was a break up due to Sickling purposes and later added that if indeed I have the negative sickling blood group and not engaged by anyone, he would love to have dated me and finally marry me.

He didn’t beat about the bush or try to woo too much. He kept the conversation short, straight and simple. His confidence level shocked the woman and made her feel in love flat.

Things are changing.  


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