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Runaway from these 5 dangerous things, they make you poor and useless in life

There are many things in this life that have long term consequences,repercussions and curses that hinder your growth spiritually as a human and prevent us from enjoying life to the fullest best.

Since the Bible sees all sins as equal, there are no categories of any sins and that makes any one who breaks God’s laws endure his wrath upon himself.

Let us look at a few bad habits which destroys our moral life, puts us away from God, hinders our blessings and incites us against law and order.

1.Sports betting is one of the easiest ways of becoming poor or falling from rags to riches in a really short time.

When people get enticed by the few cash they initially won from these sports companies, they often feel the urge to constantly gamble their hard earned monies ending up loosing huge sums and become broke and totally indebted.

2.Alcoholism is also another character which has destroyed many young men and women due to peer pressure which often leads to addiction and waste of money.

Alcoholism takes one closer to the grave than any other thing in this world and as such must be totally avoided on every way possible.

3.Promiscuity involves having several or multiple partners either monetary gain, pleasure or other flashy life styles which do not encourage chastity in our societies.

Promiscuous people often end up with several sexual related diseases which continuously affects their lives in so many ways. It is very important to stick to one partner at a time and plan your relationship until marriage.

4.Fraud or robbery is another way by which many young people seek to live life cheaply by defrauding people of their hard earned money.

People engage in such activities often carry many long term curses from their victims which affects their lives in many ways that they often die young and in suddenly.

5.Procrastination is the character in most adolescents in this era who continuously postpone given task and assignments.

We must learn to completely our assigned tasks and assignments immediately we’re instructed to avoid feeling lazy or having fears and doubts which may prevent you from achieving your set goals and objectives.

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