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Signs your partner is tolerating you instead of accepting you

There is a huge difference between tolerance and acceptance. You should never confuse the two. Yes, it might be the one of the worst feelings in the world but to let it continue to affect you is all up to you. You must under no circumstance settle for less. Everyone deserves to have a happy ending in love. You must pay attention to the little details of your partner and the treatment they show towards you. You should never give any chance to these words “love blinded me”.

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1. They have no interest or whatsoever in your life:

Everyone has something they are passionate about in this life. It may be singing, dancing or even acting among many others. You both have different lives as well as your interests. A partner who is always busy and fails to support you in yours, but doesn’t want the same reaction to theirs, is nothing but a selfish partner. 

2. The connection is only there when you both are intimate physically:

Have you ever gone out to have some quality time, without having to remove your clothes? In some relationships, it feels like the partner is ashamed to date you in public because you are always inside. This makes them satisfy their urges without taking into their thoughts, what you would like to do. It is always the removal of your dress one way or another, since they think they have some kind of entitlement to your body.  

3. Your opinions on a subject means nothing to them: 

Being in a relationship with someone is a form of partnership. You both must share ideas, concerning a particular subject. Arguments or conflicts are of course okay but when your partner shrugs and makes you feel like you are not being heard, that’s a question mark right there. There is no consideration or respect for your opinions.

In as much as you love your partner, there are some limits that must not be crossed. Thank you for reading.

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