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The One Key To Becoming A Great Human Being And Escape Being Average

Why this is the year to embrace the joy of being average

One key component to becoming a better person that most experts forget to mention, according to Brian Tracy, is the law of forgiveness. According to the personal development coach, the law of forgiveness says that you are a healthy person to the degree to which you can freely forgive and forget offenses against you. 

To the degree to which you cannot, you move down the human totem pole and you become less and less a person. People who do not easily forgive are totally destroyed psychologically and emotionally. 

The first rule in forgiveness is to learn to forgive your parents. You do not become an adult until you have forgiven your parents hundred per cent of the mistakes they ever made. 

If they are no longer with you, forgive them and let them go. It is painful, but if you can forgive your parents, it’s a really good warm up to a happy adult life.

Secondly, forgive any relationship that you ever had that did not work out. If you forgive any relationship, it shows that you accept that you are partially responsible for choosing the relationship. Bless them in your heart and just let it go. In letting go, you set yourself free but in not letting them go you keep yourself in an emotional prison.

The third thing is to forgive everybody else in your life that has ever hurt you in any way. Forgive every past childhood fight, every sibling, every member in your family, every person you ever worked for, every friend who ever cheated you or lied to you and so on.

Just let it go and remember forgiveness is a selfish act. You are doing it for yourself.

The final part is to forgive yourself. Everyone in this life has done some wicked, senseless, cruel things they are not proud of. Let it go and understand that the person who did these things no longer exists. The person you were in your past is a different person than you are today. You have more wisdom than you did in the past so quit beating yourself up.

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