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4 ways she will trial you to know if you are a real man

The fact is, women are always closer to men than ever. A woman who is trying to seduce him is likely to be approached more than five times a day. To distinguish real men from "boys", women often do experiments.

1. Hard play to get: A woman often shows no interest in you at the beginning of a relationship so she knows if you are a good man. A man of low rank will follow him further and be needy. On the other hand, a man of great value will not pursue him.

2. Anger: Most women will get angry and see how mature a man is. You should always control yourself when a woman is angry. Women love men emotionally strong men


3. Insults: What happens when a woman insults you? Do you get feelings over it? An attractive woman will subtly seduce you to see your level of confidence. It was Abraham Lincoln who said that you can see the greatness of a man by what makes him angry.

4. Jealousy test: This is one of the most obvious ways in which women test men. How do you react when a girl tells you about a man who is attracted to her? Or what happens when she falls in love with another boy in her presence? To pass this test, you must take care of yourself. Pretend that the other men are not threatening you. You will see him as a man of great value if you do not react badly

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