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Valentine Day Approaching: Signs To Know If Your Partner Is Really Yours

Valentine Day is a day set for the celebration of love, but when the day is approaching, many people tend to wonder if they are really dating the love of their lives or their partners are really theirs.

As a day of love, many expect much love to be shown to them, most especially from the people they are dating. It would be very difficult for people to know if they are dating the real ones or not, but as the day is approaching, let’s get to know some of these tale signs below, because they will help you to know if you are really dating the love of your life. 


If your partner is really yours, you will always feel respected. This is because love comes alongside with respect. If you have much love for something, it means you have much respect for it. 



When you always feel like the highest priority from your partner, it means you are dating a real one. Although your partner will also place some priorities to their family, but when you feel you are the number one, it means you are really loved. 


Makes Time For You

In dating, if your partner hardly makes time for you, there is a whole lot of question marks behind it. When you really love and adore something, you will always make time for it, so if your partner makes much time for you, you are really theirs. 

Plans The Future With You

Most people get into dating because of money and fame without thinking about making progress in life, but when your partner is that type that plans the future with you, it simply means you are with the right one, treat them well because they are hard to find.  

When you see some of these signs in your relationship, then your partner is really yours.

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