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Take A Look At What A Photographer Was Doing To A Bride That Got People Talking.

Photographers have really been trending in Ghana now. This is because of what they have been spotted doing at an event. You can see a photographer at an event dancing with the ladies. This photograph that I'm about to share, the screen shot below, was recorded rubbing his hand on a bride's chest. A lot of people still don't understand if that is also part of a photographer's work.

His hand can be seen moving around the bride's breast. A man also appeared in the video, squeezing some oil for the photographer to use to rob the bride on her chest close to her breast. His hand was even seen on the bride's breast. I'm not sure if the groom was present, but I doubt he would be pleased to see someone place their hand on his bride's breast.

Some people, after watching the video, are asking if you can let the photographer do that to your bride. For me, the answer is a big no. I won't allow that. The bride also seems OK with what the photographer is doing, and one cannot tell if she is enjoying the way his hand is moving on her chest because she can be seen smiling.

Check out some reactions from individuals online.

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