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If You Know That You Can't Laugh Don't Click It 😂😂

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No matter how nice your wedding was, it will never make sense to those that didn't get food.

Guys, whatever you do in this life, don’t be someone’s girlfriend entertainer. That is very very foolish and idiotic .

Who else Brings Out Clothes to Wash and Later Return Jeans Saying it's Neat Abeg.

Hanti dey keep toothbrush for boyfriend house to form serious babe, another babe visit come use hanti toothbrush smooth her front hair

You as a broke girl wants a relationship too 

 To do what 

 Kill somebody's son with Baby I've not eaten today .

 Guys think when ladies say, I love you too They think its this 'too' they are talking about

They mean this 'two' you and your money

That's why no money no love

You see that guy who’s replying faster than your boyfriend? He’s also replying slowly to his girlfriend. Stay where you are.

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