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Divorce Affair

My husband divorced me after failing to give out my daughter for money rituals - Woman narrates

A woman called Auntie Mary has recounted how her husband asked her to grant him his wish by giving him their daughter for money rituals.

The resident of Kojokrom, a Takoradi suburb, shared her story with Sofomaame Naana Hayford on EZRA TV/Apatakese3 FM's Ase. She said her husband had divorced her because she had refused to fulfill his demand.

She claimed that despite their diligent work together, her husband had refused to give her a share of the profits from their cocoa field.

"We have grown three poles of palm trees and ten poles of cocoa. For the past 17 years, we have been divorced. Because I wouldn't give our daughter up for money rituals, my husband filed for divorce from me.

Auntie informed Sofomaame Naana Hayford, "He has decided not to give me my portion of the profits from the cocoa and the palm plantation farm."

"He told me to give her Maama Bruwaa (our kid) so he could use her in money rituals so that their cocoa would bear more fruit," she said. "We were enjoying our meal when he said this.

Auntie Mary informed him that their kid was just two years old at the time of his ex-request. husband's

She said that when her family members inquired, his ex-husband instructed her to tell them that their only daughter had passed away.

She stated that when she asked her husband what to say to my family members if they enquired about Maame Bruwaa's whereabouts, he advised me to tell them she had passed away.

The woman claimed that her ex-husband attempted to murder her following the divorce.

My spouse made me a handicap and then threatened to kill me so he could only benefit from our properties by taking me to a Fetish priest.

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