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Lady Postpones Wedding After Fiancé Used Money Saved For The Ceremony To Bet And Lost Everything

A bride to be was forced to postpone her wedding when her fiance gambled with the funds for the event and lost, forcing her to cancel it altogether. The woman admitted to her best friend in a WhatsApp conversation that was posted public that her fiancé, who enjoys gambling, decided to try one final time.

Unfortunately for him, the teams he bet on lost horribly, costing him his hard-earned money. They were forced to postpone the wedding due to such a significant setback. Many young men gamble on different betting sites in the hopes of winning large with a small investment.

While some people have been fortunate, others weren't as lucky. For instance, a video recently surfaced demonstrating how a groom placed a wager at his wedding. Since many people could not believe he did not wait until after the wedding to place his bet, the video quickly gained popularity.

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