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Do You Really Want To Win Her? These Are The Top Ten Things Women Like To See In Men

What are some things that women find attractive and attractive in a man? What are these characteristics in a man that will make a woman lose her mind. Many have often asked themselves these questions. CyraxPen brings you 9 things that women admire in a man.

A deep voice

When women hear a manly, deep voice, they become aroused. Somehow, most women subconsciously attribute a deep voice to gentleness.

Tall in height

Women like men with a good height. You don't necessarily have to be too tall, a woman just wants her man to be taller than her, to feel protected.

A good amount of testosterone

Women want this testosterone. It turns out that it's a biological component that women find attractive in a man. Women tend to go for men with strong jaws and browbones, as this shows that they have a high amount of testosterone.

Good sense of humor

It's a quality that women love in men that can make them laugh. Laughter produces relaxant hormones, and it shows that the man in question is open.


Women prefer friendly and welcoming men. They want you to be friendly and hospitable, while still retaining that mysterious side of your personality. It's a perfect mix.

A good open-mindedness

Women love when a man confides in them. They are interested in men who are ready to be open in a conversation. Of course, this does not mean that the man has to tell all his secrets, because there are secrets which are not good to tell.

Well-groomed beards

Women like men with groomed beards. Of course, that they also find men without beards very beautiful, but a simple well groomed beard is enough to seduce them.

The cleanliness

Women like men who are clean. They are usually more attracted to men who are clean.


Confidence is essential when dealing with a woman. A man who approaches a woman with his head held high is much more attractive than one who cannot look a woman in the eye. Women consider self-confidence as an attractive character in a man.

With these tips, you would have better luck with women.

Content created and supplied by: CyraxPen (via Opera News )



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